• First used to demonstrate the Earth's Rotation
  • Creates unique patterns in the sand

Foucault's Pendulum is named after the French physicist Leon Foucault and was originally exhibited in 1851 to demonstrate the Earth's rotation.

Simply swing the pendulum clockwise or anti-clockwise, and watch as it draws intricate, geometric patterns in the sand.  The sand in the base of this set is extremely fine, therefore creating only a small amount of friction, allowing the pndulum to swing for longer.

Full instructions enclosed.

Barcode: 9323307093034
Item Made from: PS, Iron, Stainless Steel & Natural Silica (sand)
Dimensions (no pkg): 380 x 183 x 160mm @ 400g (incl sand)


SKU IS87985
Barcode # 9323307093034
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg