Schwarzkopf MAGIC HAIR Hair Extensions 35cm

$44.95 $19.95


Schwarzkopf MAGIC HAIR Hair Extensions 35cm

$44.95 $19.95

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Long and luscious locks have never been easier

Very easy to apply
The new Schwarzkopf Magic Hair set of hair extensions contains three extension pieces, which can be easily clipped into hair and gently removed.
The transforming effect
Say goodbye to short, thin and fine hair. With Magic Hair you will achieve thick, full hair and the desired length in seconds.

Everything you need is in the box

The Magic Hairset contains extensions made from high-quality artificial fibers, which are easy to clip in and out and remove:
1 Hair piece:
35cm x 12cm (2 Mini-Clips)
2 Hair pieces:
35cm x 22cm (3 Mini-Clips)
1 Professional Hair Clip
1 Instruction Leaflet


Wide range of rich colours
No matter what hair colour you have: Magic Hair extensions come in 6 different shades that will match your hair perfectly thanks to their suppleness and subtly-highlighted strands. Each pack contains: 3 extensions (35cm long), including secure clips.

Light Blonde - Suitable for light to very light blonde hair and lightened hair.
Natural Blonde - Suitable to all natural medium blonde shades.
Medium Brown - Suitable for all shades of natural medium brown.
Red Brown - Suitable for all the brown shades with a touch of red.
Dark Brown - Dyed, toned or natural - This shade gives dark brown hair more length and volume.
Black - Suitable for natural or dyed black hair.

Application Tips
Tease the hairline slightly under the parting to enhance the grip of the Mini-Clips.
If you want more volume but keep your hair length, you can trim the extensions.

Important Information

Please follow the important instructions below:
The extensions should not come into contact with heat (such as blow-dryers, curling tongs or straightening irons).
Do not use any colourants, bleaching, toning, or perming products.
The extensions should not be combed when wet.
Remove the extensions before showering or having a bath.

Care and Cleaning

Take care of your new hair.

Proper care ensures that the hair extensions maintain their shine and suppleness for a longer time. Here are some care and cleansing tips.

1. Washing

The extensions should be washed regularly. Do not wash the extensions while they are still attached to your hair.
Put a sufficient amount of a mild caring shampoo in lukewarm water and let the extensions soak for a short time. Rinse the extensions by letting the water run from the top in the direction of the tips.
Gently pat the extensions dry with a towel and let them air-dry. Do not use a blow-dryer.

2. Combing
The extensions can be combed or brushed gently. We recommend to use a brush with natural bristles. The extensions should not be combed when wet.

3. Storing
Preferably keep the extensions with closed clips in the original packaging or in the provided hair net.

Frequently asked questions

Are the Magic Hair extensions for everyday use?
Yes, they can be used daily. The mini-clips are easy to clip-in and out and therefore, gentle to your hair.

Does Magic Hair look natural?
Yes, the extensions will match your hair perfectly thanks to their suppleness and subtly-highlighted strands. If you wish, you can trim the extensions to match your desired hairstyle.

Magic Hair Extensions are made from artificial fibers. How is it more effective than human hair?
Thanks to their good quality and higher durability, artificial fibers are perfect for Magic Hair

Do Magic Hair extensions cause allergic reactions?
Magic Hair extensions don't cause allergic reactions because its mini-clips are nickel free.

Can I use Magic Hair for an updo?
With Magic Hair extensions, you can easily create the hairstyles of your dreams. Wear your hair down or pin it up in any style - with Magic Hair your creativity for new hair styles has no limits! For everyday use.

How do I remove Magic Hair extensions?
To remove the extensions, open all clips and pull the extensions up and out, to separate the clips from your own hair. Remove the extensions before going to bed and before sport activities.