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Bluey Showbag


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Bluey Showbag


Showbag contains:

Activity Set size: 23.5x21cm

weight: 76g

Includes: 1x Scene, 1x Sticker Sheet, 8x Colouring pages & 6x Colouring Pencils


Backpack size: 38x30x13cm weight: 300g


Bucket Hat size: C:55cm weight: 32g


Coolerbag size: 26×21.5x10cm weight: 36g


Eyebrows weight: 14g

1x set of Eye Brows


Headband size: 13.5x21cm weight: 22g


Masks weight: 39g

Set of 4 masks


Tote Bag size: 41x28x12cm weight: 55g



size: 150x240cm weight: 74.5g

Includes over 90 Stickers



weight: 20g Arm length: 13.5cm Face: 13cm


Pencil Case size: 21×26.5cm weight: 30g


**Contents subject to change on availability - items will be replaced to the same or greater value **